Sunday, 20 February 2011

Grandma love

This morning we were invited to breakfast with Greg's Grandma and all her other grandchildren. There are 7 grandchildren in total. Grandma got everyone around so she could make a speech. She then handed out a card to each grandchild and said you must all open this gift from me to you at once. I was told to take photos whilst this was happening. Let's just say we received money enough for us to do our kitchen and maybe the two remaining bathrooms. Grandma wants all the kids and partners to enjoy her money and to tell/show her what we did with it. She wants us to be able to afford to have the lifestyle as young adults that she wasn't able to have. Now she is pressuring us for kids and marriage.

Oh well enough excitement for one day, back to working on the house.

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  1. oh how exciting - enjoy - what a special gift!!

  2. What a fabulous Grandma and cheeky too - I like her style!!


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