Saturday, 19 February 2011

Military Chic - Weekend Shopping and wish list

As we are on the opposite end of the earth we are only starting to get our Autumn stuff in store now. So what's big this Autumn is MILITARY!

I have plenty of items already in my wardrobe that goes with this look. These are from pics are from BigW and Kmart catalogues.

I bought these skinny cargos and they are hot!

I love these boots but they were all sold out of the cream ones in the middle :(

I bought the purple Mambo T shirt it light weight and a pretty colour.

Aren't these cute! I totally want them. But I resisted.

I bought an orange and black singlet. I so can see myself in this look. I have everything to make it work!

You know that danoz direct ad about the TOBI Steamer. I dream about that ad. But I'm not spending that much. I really hate ironing; so to replace my iron I have bought a garment steamer. They were sold out at my local store so I bought it online. I can't wait to use it.    

 From Covetish

What things are you currently coveting?

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