Monday, 28 February 2011

Embarrassing car

On Saturday I got my hair done in the morning and stopped by the supermarket on the way home about 1:30pm. I was walking back to my car pushing the wonky trolley and clicking my car remote (I have keyless smart start on my Carolla). I even went to the door and pressed the button; nothing, zip. nada. So I decided to try the key button again. Still nothing. I was getting annoyed now as my trolley was at the back of my car and I was at the drivers side door. So I pulled my key apart and stuck the key into the hole. The car alarm went off; it kept going for at least 20 minutes whilst I swore and yelled at the car (I didn't know I had a car alarm... BLUSH). No one came to help me. One guy laughed as he was at the servo vacuuming his car. Finally somehow I got the alarm off. I ended up coming home late for the Tupperware party (people had stolen my car parking spot) and STILL had tonnes of groceries to unpack. Do you know how heavy groceries are to carry across from my house to my mother in laws. Why did I buy heavy stuff? After it was all packed away I settled in with a vodka lime and soda. I spent $218 on Tupperware, I'm having my party hopefully on the 2nd April as it is the next free date I have. I am hunting for a battery to put in my keys, I've stolen Greg's for this week.

What embarrassing thing happened to you on the weekend?

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