Saturday, 8 January 2011

Embrace Your body

This post is inspired by the brave Danimezza posting about Embracing your body
Her message is clear: "It's summer, you should wear a swimsuit and feel good in it too, no matter your shape or size of your bank account".

Here is me in one of 3 bikini's I currently own (I bought for $25 online). It has not been edited in anyway. Yes those are stretch marks and I do have cellulite and chicken pox scars. I used to be ashamed and covered up my body from age 12 (when I first got stretch marks.) Now I am comfortable enough to go to the beach and swim without board shorts or a shirt. I just have to later myself in sunscreen. 

Join in, link up and Embrace Summer ~ Embrace Your Body!


  1. This post is amazing, thank you so much for your support! You look absolutely stunning, your flat tummy is killer and I know you work hard to look the way you do, ROCK IT!

  2. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of, you have a gorgeous body! Bravo for being so brave!!


  3. Adalita I have serious body envy right now! You look hot, hot, HOT!!! Go flaunt that body on the beach - you work so hard for it and it definitely pays - you look fabulous!!!!!xo

  4. So amazing I love your swimmers they are so bright & cute.


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love Adalita