Wednesday, 19 January 2011

BLOGversation: Where do you blog?

Today, I'm joining in BLOGversation with Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim. The question today is Where do you blog?

Currently I am Blogging on my dressing table, yes on the dressing table you read right. As we are heavily into our renovations I am are currently staying across the road at my in-laws in the granny flat. The only space we have for my computer is on top of the dressing table. So I am standing typing, it is a little inconvenient and has reduced my computer time by 50%.

I also blog on my iPhone using iBlogger and later edit on my PC to add images and other stuff. this is great as I can compose on the run when an idea pops into my head and thrash it out later. 

I am looking forward to creating a new study, filled with great organisational items.
HERE are some of my ideas:
The shelves are awesome!
I like the wall behind the desk!
I'm wanting to get white or black folders and boxes. I have a kikki k voucher to spend before June 2011.

I really like this one!

Where's your blog spot? Where do you like to read and write blogs?


  1. I am too embarrassed to put up a photo of my blogspot... We are in the middle of extending and renovating at the moment as well, so the so called 'study' is a computer room/wardrobe/shoe closet... My computer currently sits on a camping table and I'm surrounded by boxes, suitcases and (too many) shoes.
    I do have big visions for my study when the renos are complete, much the same as yours

  2. The top one! I like the top one. So very IKEA and so tidy ...

  3. Now that is being creative! That's the thing with renovating you have to go without for a while but the reward of having what you want when its finished far outways the bad, dont you agree? And it also makes you appreciate it a lot more too!

  4. oooh.. i love the blue wall pic.. sooo organised and gorgeous!!!

  5. I'm writing this with a builder banging away just outside my study. I CAN'T WAIT for our renos to be over. My office is usually my sanctuary so you have my heartfelt sympathy and I look forward to seeing your finished space!


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita