Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas and Allergies

Our extended family all go out for dinner on Christmas Eve to this little retro 1970's place at Mermaid Beach called Mirrors. The food is to die for. I ordered Garlic Moreton Bay Bugs. This was a mistake! Hours later I learnt that I may be allergic to Moreton Bay Bugs. ( I have had them before but not in the amount I had consumed; 3 whole bugs.) I came out with red cheeks, a rash (which I thought was from Midge bites), my body swelled up, my eyelids swelled up, my throat closed up and I had trouble breathing, I had bad sinus and thought I was going to suffocate in my sleep. Not a pleasant evening. I woke up on Christmas Morning swollen, tired an sore. I took some antihistamine and panadol which eventually reduced the swelling. Other than that I had a beautiful Christmas Day with Family.

Silver bangle
Cubic Zirconia Sparkly earrings

Mum & Dad:
Kikki K $100 Voucher
Hair products

Kate & Jeff (My Sister and Brother in Law) :
Printed white singlet

The Ives Family (my in-laws):
A sunbeam Food Processor
Scratch it

Phil, Julie and Nana:
Movie Voucher

How was your Christmas?

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