Monday, 6 December 2010


All year I have been dreading turning 30; the truth is, I don't feel any different. This morning was like any other morning. I already have gotten my present from my partner last weekend. I did get a beautiful card and a wake up kiss from him this morning. My parents and sister will see me tonight for dinner out at my local Italian Restaurant. I did change the age on my WW Precision Body Fat Scales, I did freak out a little seeing 30 in digital.

Today I am having my cake and eating it too! I have 43 ProPoints to use before Thursday as everything else comes under my Daily ProPoints Allowance!

Aren't these Cake Pops too cute. More WW friendly then a whole piece of cake!

Yum, Cake Pops!
Everyone at work is awesome, I have a beautiful staffroom with the Home Ec, Art and my IT Staff, bringing in morning tea and cute little presents. A few of my Year 12's popped in whilst on their holidays.

I wish it would stop raining though. We have had 175mm of rain over the weekend and its not looking like it will ease anytime soon.  


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita