Sunday, 13 March 2011

Polly Dolly - Blog Meet

Welcome to Polly Dolly Challenge - Week 49:  This week's topic is Blog Meet.   
Go visit and check out some of the other bloggers links too. 

I adore this sheer top, I want one just like it!
Skinny jeans are one of my staple clothing items, you can dress it up or down.
Every girl needs a cute wallet
Boots so I can still be comfortable but yet stylish
A messenger bag to hold all my essential items
This necklace is too cute, I love the cubes they are a different statement instead of round beads
This diamond ring is just the right thing to tie the accessories together.
square earrings to match the other jewellery
Guess Sunglasses to help with the glare
Grey black nail polish so I don't bite my nails when I get nervous
My trusty Canon 1000d to capture the moment
My iPhone to twitter, blog and facebook about the meet
A nude lipgloss, as I get dry lips easily.


  1. I would wear this. In. A. Heartbeat!!!

  2. Oh wow! I love all of this, that top is gorgeous :)

  3. Love it, Adalita!

    I've had to shut my blog down to all but invited viewers. (Very long story) Do you want to be invited? I'd love to have you. Are you still the same email you were when you won my giveaway (such a long time ago now... )???

    Let me know...


  4. Yes Linda - I still have the same email, I would love to be invited! Hugs!!!! I hope you get this reply. I'm not sure if I still have your email though....


Thank you for your gracious comments!

love Adalita