Friday, 25 March 2011

Office Politics

What is it with office politics?
I hate playing games and this is one game I am not participating in anymore!

My Head of Department (for Information Technology) is bullying me and I finally am over it and reported it. This has been going on since I got to the school in 2006. On Wednesday he yelled at me and carried on over me trying to be fair to everyone who was rostered on to do sport. I needed time to mark as the last 3 sports days I had been with the students all day and lose my lesson for preparation. We all agreed to do the arrangement in the morning. My boss was still sitting at his desk after morning tea and I reminded him that he was on all day as last sport day he had time off. This is when he swore and was rude to me. I came in yesterday morning to hear him in the adjacent room bitching to the Art staff about me.

So I went to the Principal and said that I'd had enough of him being rude, not assisting me in my subject with discipline and making it hard for me to do anything curriculum related to try and advance my career. I have a few decisions to make depending on what happens in the next few weeks. I am not happy with that part of work at them moment but everything else at work is going well.

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  1. Office politics suck big time - good on you for making a stand!


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