Monday, 21 March 2011

Point and shoot

Weekend renovations and Mr Possum.

 I found a website called searched out house and found photos of our house in 2010 before renovations and January 2011. You can see how we have nearly doubled the house size.

The door finally getting installed - it has only taken us 2 years to get this (it was originally Greg's 27th birthday gift!)
my new front door completed and waiting for EPS foam to be installed.
the door view from inside

Mr Possum
 As the boys were ripping off some gyprock they found a possum in the wall cavity. As you can see he is not small. He had some sort of problem with his face and eyes and with fur missing and puss and sores on his face and arms. He looked to be in a bad way. So now I have found out why my dog Sledge was licking the bricks and trying to chew the new window surrounds next to the kitchen.  We finally cornered him and put a laundry basket over him and called RSPCA who took forever to rescue him/her. He used to live in one the bottle brush trees we cut down.

We rang RSPCA who sent out an ambulance to pick him up and get him treated so he can be released back into the reserve behind us. 

We put a laundry basket with a brick on it and a towel around him so it wouldn't be too distressed.
The cavity where he was hiding / or was trapped.
I seem to think it is the same possum in the tree that I snapped last year.
Hopefully soon he will be returned to go back playing in the bottle brushes in the bushland behind us.

I'd like to thank Gold Coast RSPCA and the two brave volunteers who rescued poor Mr Possum. They do a brilliant job!

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  1. How cool are the ariel views of the house, it really gives a perspective of the additions.
    Looks like you had a busy but interesting weekend ;)


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