Saturday, 19 March 2011

House Inspiration

Today is all about the inspiration for finishing our house. We have a fair way to go. Our roof just got  pointed and now we are waiting to get it painted. The inside needs ceilings and walls gyprocked. Once we are finished that its time for other trades. I need to move out our entire house of stuff to my mother in-laws house. I think there will be quite a few things thrown out. 

 Dressing table area


 Bathroom tile inspiration

Master Bedroom


I love the storage and look of this one
I love the shoe cubbys
true style and organisation chic
love the pant hanger
isn't this wardrobe to die for, a bit clinical for my liking but I love the ideas here
Love the shoe shelves and the jewellery area, actually I'll just have it all! This is the one I want!!!

I love how uncluttered this is. Very chic.
I love the shelving and the clear desktop
We will have a U shape area for our study so these shelves are great
I love the under table shelving, the inspiration boards and the shelf above the desk
isn't his study area organisation to die for!

stacked stone feature for at the front door area




 Items on my shopping wish list

 Accessories on sale at Target

Sadly I'm not purchasing any of these at his price as we have no where to store it yet!

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  1. Just think the decorating is the fun bit after all the hard work. Its tricky with so many rooms you dont know where to start first, as a tip we did 1 room at a time that way it wasnt so overwhelming and you can really focus and figure out what you want. Cant wait to see your place :)


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