Tuesday, 9 November 2010

What I could not live without!

Blog this Challenge 61

Messy, complicated, full, busy, fun, enjoyable, blessed, colourful… they're all words we can use to describe our lives at different times.

Share one thing that has made your life easier, and that you wish you knew about long before you first got your hands on it!

Challenge Starts: Friday, 5th November
Challenge Ends: Wednesday 10th November 8pm Sydney Time
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I could not live without my iPhone. I use it all the time; I email, search the internet, use a variety of applications and I even teach with it!

We live in a world of here and now. I teach students of Generation Y, so I need the here and now to teach them. I use google, wiki, I photograph and scan their assessment with my phone. 

I use it in my personal life too, I Skype, Facebook, twitter, I chat to my Weight Watchers Group, I read books, I have a shopping list, I shop using my phone with Ebay,  I have reminders, post it notes,  I even blog from my iPhone!

One of my favourite apps at the moment is Angry Birds. This app is awesome! 

The aim of this strategy game is to fling the Angry Birds into pigs who stole the birds eggs.
The Angry Birds app features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 120 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy. I am stuck on Level 2-6. It is bugging me something chronic.

Basically my iphone is my life and lifeline as at the moment with renovations it is my internet and my telephone. I store important contacts as well as photos of products I like from stores. You might remember back to earlier in the year when my iPhone fell out of my jeggins into a toilet. It is still going on aside from everyone else dropping and smashing their phones all around me. (Note- if you drop it in FRESH clean water you can get your phone to work again by putting it in a ziplock bag with rice for 3 days for all the water to be absorbed)

My iphone is my life!

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