Monday, 8 November 2010

Renovations Week 7

This week we've had lots of work at our house!

The steel went in

The old garage roof went as well. You can really see the enormity of the 4 car garage!

The old garage - to be removed at a later date!

All tarpped up so the stuff still inside doesn't get ruined

Saturday the roof trusses went up over the garage. I got out of helping! I went bathroom shopping instead, YAY!

My partner on the roof to be!

My Brother in Law

My Father in Law

Sunday - My Dad and father in Law working on our new master bedroom roof

What a weekend of work!

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  1. That is one huge renovation, but it will be amazing when it's finished.

    I have just been looking at an old post of yours called 100 steps challenge - it is a wonderful idea and one for me to put on my list of things to do - thanks for the idea.

    Have a great day.


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