Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Weight loss Wednesday

Wednesdays are all go go go. I had a few work related things as well as being up at 6am and chatting to a few international staffers on LivingSims magazine. My two classes were pretty cruisy allowing me to get up to date with a few class related items.

Burgen mixed grain bread toasted x 2  (3 points)
honey (0.5 points)
Nestle coffee (0.5 points)

Skim milk (0.5 points)

Morning Tea:
apple (0.5 points)
banana (1 point)
nestle no fat diet yoghurt 100g strawberry (0.5 points)

Sunrice fried rice 90 seconds 3/4 of a serve (2.5 Points)

Dinner: Chicken Parmigania with home made sauce - tomato, capsicum, mushroom, celery, chicken stock and tiny sprinkle of cheese

Exercise: 1.5 points

Pedometer:  1.5 Points 16312 steps 9.95km
Weight in am:  53.1kg

 Weight in pm: 53.3kg
Weight before bed: 53.6kg

Daily points 21

I bought some new clothes from Ebay and
All varying in size from 8-10 or small to medium. Yay!

EBAY Clothes $63.94

I want a bargin clothes  $78.50

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