Saturday, 17 October 2009

New Beginnings

In 2007 I weighed 74.4kg. I wasn't really happy with myself and I knew I had to do something. I have always been a naturally thin person... That was until the fat found me.

I was born premature at 680g at 28 weeks. I was lucky to survive. Due to this I have had 21 surgeries to my left eye, which has limited vision and a slight astigmatism. I almost went blind at aged 19 too due to retinal detachments of both my eyes. Half of the surgeries were around that time.

When I finished High School I weighed under 50kg. I ate what I wanted when I wanted, I usually would demolish a packet of shapes biscuits for afternoon tea in front of the TV. I ate mostly meat and carbs and very few vegetables, carrots, peas, potato and corn.I did none or little exercise. I always hated sport because of my poor co-ordination. I only did cross country running for sport on Wednesday afternoons.

I completed two degrees at University and once I finished the kg packed on. Mind you I was on a diet of coke chips, lollies and Yatala Pies. So it was inevitable I suppose.

Slowly but surely the clothing got tight and I got fat. It wasn't like I didn't notice it. I did but I was happy (So I thought)

There is something about seeing myself in the before photos compared to my teenage photos. Something made me wake up. I can't be like this for the rest of my life.

So I started too look at myself in January of 2008, at 74.4kg and I didn't like what I saw. I was a fat short cross-eyed girl. You may think I'm being harsh but when you get teased all your life it sinks in. I WAS these things. I decided to cut down on my portion sizes and lost about 5kg.

In June of 2008 I decided I couldn't do it by myself so I joined the Tony Ferguson Weight loss Program and joined a gym and got myself a personal trainer.

I had a goal October 18 I had to be 50kg. I was going to be bridesmaid to my partners sister. We had been dress shopping and I tired on a tonne of dresses. I told her to buy me a size 10 and that I would fit into it (the zipper wouldn't do up) But instead I ended up with the size 12. I was mortified. I was determined to prove her wrong. I COULD DO IT!

I was strict with this new "lifestyle" I followed it to the letter. No carbs, tonnes of vegetables but only allowed ones, 2 litres of water, fruit no alcohol (substituted for your fruit intake). I was really strict and the kilos came off.

I stated at 61.4 kg and lost between 500g and 1.5kg weekly. Until I went on maintenance and was ALLOWED to re introduce carbs into my diet the weight went back up to 54.3kg.

I needed to change my way of eating and exercising. I saw my doctor and he suggested I attend Weight Watchers. I began on 16th July 2009. I was horrified to see that I had put on more weight since I stopped Tony Ferguson.  I felt like I was being silly for going there as I was the smallest person. There were people there who needed to loose weight more than me. One of the ladies there wasn't going to let me join (even though I had already signed up online) Our team leader Vanessa was wonderful and supportive. She understood that I wasn't happy being the size I was. I was so nervous stepping onto those scales... I felt like the women were staring at me saying why is she here? Shes not fat. The scales read 57.3kg. I was disgusted with myself. All the hard work I had put in had come to this.

Slowly but surely I have changed the way I look at things, it is now my choice what I do. I can't blame anyone else. My Parents and my sister don't know that I am doing Weight Watchers, after the critisim I got from them... Can you eat that? Oh you eat that now! You don't need to loose weight your not fat. I couldn't go through that again. I go to their house evey Monday and eat what food get put infront of me. It isn't usually what I would choose to eat myself - I just look at portions and choose the best I can.

I did reach my 5% goal on 24/7 (Week 11) but put 700g back on.

I have a personal trainer now and I also have joined the gyms Transformation Challenge which ends on Dec 6th 2009. I hope to be at goal weight of 50kg or size 8 by then. I have plenty of work to do but I know I can get there.

I have begun running the C25K, which gradually brings you from walking to running over 9 weeks, I am in week 2. I haven't ran other than helping out at school since I was a student.

Next weekend I also have a 6hr mountain bike cross country race which I have enter as a solo competitor. I hope to do 3-4 laps in that time. I think it is a 10km course.

WW Start Weight (16/07/2009): 57.5kg
Week 13 (08/10/2009): 55.0kg
Week 14 (15/10/2009): 54.6kg 

Week Loss: -0.4kg 
Total Loss: 2.9kg

Daily points 21
Used 23.5 
Ate some snacks I shouldn't have. Oh Well tomorrow is a new day!

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