Thursday, 22 October 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thursdays I teach 3 classes, a spare lesson and a meeting at lunch.It will be another busy day too.Thursdays are my weigh in day; at my local Weight watchers meeting. I am waiting on a few of my lovely clothes purchases to arrive. We ended up having an impromptu party to celebrate my Partner's brother -in -law getting his permanent Australian Residency. Lots of good food and wine.

Burgen mixed grain bread toasted x 2  (3 points)
honey (0.5 points)
jarrah chocolate (0 points)
Weight Watchers Canola Spread (0.5points)

Morning Tea:
apple (0.5 points)
banana (1 point)
nestle no fat diet yoghurt 100g strawberry (0.5 points)

Pasta from Tuesdays dinner (3.5 Points)

Dinner: Homemade Indian

Chicken Dahl Chaa
Lamb Rogan Josh
Tiny amount of Beef Vindaloo
Cheesy Naan
1 glass White wine
1 Glass Jewel Yellow champagne
1 Vodka Redbull

Exercise:  3.5 points

Pedometer:   3.5  Points 23451 steps 14.30 km
Weight in am:  53.3kg

Weight in pm: 53.8kg 
Official Weigh in at meeting: 53.8kg

Weight at bedtime: 54.1kg

Daily points 21
Used: 27

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