Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Trials Tuesday

Tuesdays are my busy day at work, especially with doing the yearbook and teaching 4 classes. Today sped by.  Before I knew it it was 6pm and dinner time. I'm tired now...

45g Uncle Tobys Natural Swiss style muesli (2.5 points)
Skim Milk 1/2 cup (0.5 points)
Jarrah Chocolait with water (0 points)

Morning Tea:
apple (0.5 points)
banana (1 point)
nestle no fat diet yoghurt 100g strawberry (0.5 points)

1old el paso tortilla extra light (2 points)
cream cheese 1 serve (0.5 points)
capsicum, lettuce red onion (0 points)
Primo chicken breast 99% fat free (1 point)

Snack: 1 slice coon cheese (2 points)

Dinner: 200g pasta with home made sauce including mushrooms, tomatoes diced, olives and capsicum.

Exercise: 4.5 points

Pedometer:  4.5 Points 28454 steps 17.35km
Weight in am:  54.7kg
 Weight in pm: 

Daily points 21

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