Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Keep me accountable - Daily workout

Monday and Tuesday workouts

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 
Week 1

Warm Up
Arm circles
Military March
Hip Hinge  -> Squat
Weighted Halo Dips 1.5kg
Half squat knee grab
Arm circles

Circuit 1
3 mins Strength 
(2 Sets)
Push ups military style 12
Squat and press 1.5kg weights
Lunge and tri extensions 1.5kg weights

2 mins Cardio 
(2 sets)
Fast feet 1/2 squat

1 min Abs
Plank pose 30 seconds
Hollow Man

Circuit 2
3 mins Strength 
(2 sets)
Dead lifts-> upright row 1.5kg weights
Squat lunge -> kettle ball swing (hang onto the weight really well wipe hands before this or you will fling it into a wall or TV)
Hip Hinge weight behind neck

2 mins Cardio
(2 sets)
Running Man
Squat punch crosses

1 min Abs
Stacked legs

Circuit 3 
3 mins Strength
(2 sets)
Chair pose reverse flys 1.5kg weights
Side lunge front raises 1.5kg weights
Lunge bicep curls 1.5kg weights

2 mins Cardio
(2 sets)
Single jump hops

1 min Abs
Basic Crunch
Reverse crunch

Cool Down / Stretch
Arm cross Stretch L+R
Arm down back stretch L+R
Arm tricep stretch/ shoulder blades
Arm cross front bend
Touch toes (side to side) L+R
Quad Stretch 

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