Thursday, 19 August 2010

Polly Dolly - Friday Night Drinks

Welcome to Polly Dolly Challenge -
Week 20: This week's topic is This weeks theme is: What would your Dolly wear out to Friday Night Drinks? Go visit and check out some of the other bloggers links too.

Polly Dolly - Friday Night DrinksFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

This is my Friday Night Drinks outfit if I am going out for drinks. We usually have drinks at our house around the fire (which is gone now) or at my mother in law's house on the deck.Which is a more casual affair.

If I am going out I want to glam up. I love jeans and these jeans are just HOT! I have a sequinned top just like this. I think I will add a cute ruffle to it to update it a bit. Aren't these nude shoes just awesome. I want a pair. I already have a cute chain bag similar to this one. I love wearing my (fake) biker jacket out too. Next time I'm in Melbourne I want a real one. I NEED my iPhone when I'm out with the girls for photos and facebooking. My drink of choice is Vodka Lime and Soda! 


  1. love it hardcore!

  2. Vodka, tonic water & lime for me please. That outfit is hot indeed. You'll be causing many a men to have sore necks from double-taking when you walk in,enjoy :-)


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