Friday, 27 August 2010

Fat to Fit - What's your weakness?

What is your weakness? Is it chocolate, wine, cheese, or savouries.

Hi, my name is Adalita and I'm a food addict. I am a “chocoholic,” “carboholic” and “sugar addict”.  I once was a vegephobe. I am now converted. I eat all the things I once craved or was "addicted" to in moderation. I have now lost a total of 25.6kg. Yesterday I realised that is the weight of my dog.  I no longer fear eating foods like chocolate, cheese or savouries and the occasional wine (or three). The thing I love about Weight Watchers is I can enjoy all of these foods. I just know that I can eat them within in my daily points.

Eating is not a choice, and there is no way to go cold turkey. We must eat for survival. Think of what happens when we don't eat; I get a growling stomach, headache, dizziness, cranky. If we're physically hungry usually any food will do. But when we think of food cravings, it's for a particular kind of food. Why do we crave particular foods? You need to work out if it is emotional eating or just mindless eating.   

There are so many trigger foods, and they are different for everyone, which promote that loss of control.

I found the following steps helped me to find out why I crave foods

  • Identify the problem foods. knowing what food I craved I could work out why.
  • Determine whether portion control or substitution with another food will be effective to satisfy your craving. 
  • Eliminate specific foods not whole categories, (I found with Tony Ferguson that I craved carbs something chronic). Don't just look at the carbs you are consuming, look at the content of the carb and look for one that is lower GI and fills you for longer. I swapped white bread for Burgen Wholegrain.  Donuts for a muesli bar low in sugar and sodium and packed with wholegrains.
  • Always have water on hand, if I have water on hand I am more likely to drink the water rather than choose a food high in fat/sugar/salt. It puts me into a healthy mindset. Substitute another behaviour for the act of eating, eat the swirls or chew sugarfree gum. I overcame a severe nail biting problem by painting my nails a bright colour like a big warning sign; I sat on them every time I thought of biting my nails. I haven't bitten my nails since 2008.  I think it went hand in hand with my weight loss.

Here are some ideas that I tried last week:
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables In pasta, risotto, salad, wraps, sandwiches, for breakfast on Sat /Sun
  • Cut down on sugar (includes sweeteners and honey) 1/2 amount of sweetener / honey
  • Eat more unprocessed foods > Burgen Bread for breakfast instead of Rolled Oats
  • Eat a variety of foods for lunch
  • Drink less alcohol (4 drinks all week)
  • Recover from cold, no high impact sport (no workouts) Eat well to combat no exercise
  • Plan meals for the week (saves time and money) DONE ALL WEEK

 Pedometer readings for the week of 19th - 26th August 
(I left the readout on my desk @ work will Post on Monday)

11348 steps
7.14km 0.5 Points

Waist: 69cm (at smallest part)
Hips: 81.5cm (on hip bone)
Bust: 86cm
Arms: Right 24cm Left 25.5cm
Thighs: Right 49.5cm Left 50cm
Weight: 46.8kg Thursday 7am (Again!) Great maintaining!
                  48.8kg 5pm, 50.8 @ WW official weigh in
What I achieved last week: 
  • Exercise more (keep above 8000 steps)
  • Track exercise + food + vitamins + water Tracked daily
  • Cut back portion sizes
  • Back into routine
  • Run (Still need to do this)
  • Spend less time on PC 
  • Garden Daily watering of garden. 
My things to do this week
  • Exercise more (keep above 8000 steps)
  • Cut back portion sizes
  • Continue routine - with exercise, food and workouts
  • Get out and ride
  • Run
  • Walk the dog
  • Spend less time on PC 
  • Garden 
  • clean out house thoroughly so we can be ready for renovations.
What are you going to do?



    and for me.
    what I am going to do is NOT allow myself to play the avoidance game.

    Im realllly good at aforementioned game ;)


  2. I am a massive savoury fan! Keep the cips away from me!!! Thanks for the great tips. I am going to bookmark this post on my favourites as it is very helpful! xo

  3. Great post! I am going to book mark this as well as you given some great hints. I have just joined weight watchers and have my first weight in tomorrow -ekk! I dont have a trigger food, I have a trigger drink - alcohol!
    Thanks again for your great tips!


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love Adalita