Friday, 18 December 2009

Wallowing in Doubt and self pity

For the past few weeks I have been wallowing in doubt and self pity. WHY ME???

A few annoying things have happened at work. I am losing my two great friends at work to other schools. Next year I only have two Information Technology classes, I am teaching English again and I gained two classes of Get Active. I no longer teach my favourite class, and had to hand over the whole bloody course to someone on contract who has limited multimedia experience. We are gaining 3 more Art staff and my place is not needed as I am not an Art teacher. I feel like I'm not needed or wanted in any area. As a fifth year teacher I feel lost and not sure of myself.

I am thinking about going back and studying because even though I am a qualified teacher apparently I'm not QUALIFIED to teach the one subject I love and am good at, MultiMedia in Creative-Arts. Instead I get to take two classes of Year 9 students out to play sport and do PE like things with them (even though I'm not qualified) Just because "I'm fit and like going to the gym", the deputy explained it to me.

So I'm resolved to make the best of a NASTY situation and do the damn best job I can! As I do always and in everything I do. The worst thing I hate is people telling me I can't do something. I'll go ahead and do the best job at it I can. CAN'T isn't in my dictionary anymore!

Looking forward to a better week and year.

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