Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Problems a bride to be faces...

The price of bridal magazines is through the roof.

Your parents want you to be married in a church despite not attending for 10 years and partner not a fan of religious beliefs. Not a Church or a Capel in my wedding plans!

Your family takes everything you say the wrong way!

My mother is jealous of my mother in law. And has been quite blunt that she won't be friends with her ever! I would like both families to get along.

 Your maid of honour is refusing to co operate with any requests you make. Which are reasonable about wearing heels and a black dress on the day (nothing else requested yet).

So over the drama already and I haven't even got started on dresses yet!

So what problems did you face for your wedding and how did you deal with it?


  1. Oh gosh I hear ya .... does the word elope mean anything to you ;)

  2. Other than the parentals and my little sis everything else is going swimmingly! My MIL-to-be is so supportive and a great ear when I'm having issues!

    I'm off to my 2nd bridal expo on Sunday after a night out to see The Vow with my Mum and sis.

    Thinking of ideas on how to ask my girls to be my bridemaid. There are so many cute ways to do it!


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