Saturday, 17 December 2011

Friday Fitness (on Sunday)

friday fitness

How's your summer slim-down going?
Mine is wavering a little but I am focusing and getting back on track. Its been a busy week and one of the reasons why I didn't post this on Friday.

So don't forget this week to not overeat, drink too much and to exercise. 

Some pretty Christmas pictures to get you into the Christmas mood.

Inspiration for physical health:

What I'm up to this coming week:
I'm enjoying my holidays, this next week (the lead up to Christmas) I am focusing on exercise, and eating well. My fridge is well stocked with fruits and vegetables, so there is no excuse. I just need make a real commitment and get onto the exercise part of my lifestyle which is lacking and casing me to gain weight.

Things to do this week:
  • Do things you haven't had time to do!
  • Write your inspiration list
  • Post your before photos
  • Find something that inspires you and post it.
  • Move more; Make “YOU” time by getting in more active activities than this week. It shouldn't be too hard to do this.
  • Try something new - it might be a new activity, food or something you've always wanted to try.
  • Make obtainable short term goals and stick to it.
  • Eat more vegetables and protein.
  • Consume less sugar 
  • Exercise more 
  • Don't let my motivation drop - keep motived and remember how hot you feel when you are happy and fit! 
  • Don't get bogged down in Christmas - it's just one day! Eat well and be strong! 
Photo inspiration:

Get inspired to lose:

{image from GabrielMethod}

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Friday 16th December
Measurements and weight:
Weight: 53.8kg (55.2kg at WW Meeting 5pm)
bust: 88cm +3cm
hips: 88cm +3cm
waist: 74cm
arms: L26cm R25.5cm
thighs:L53cm R54cm

Weekly Exercise:
Saturday - cleaning and workout
Sunday -cleaned house
Monday - workout DVD
Tuesday - workout DVD + cleaning + 4 hours Xmas shopping
Wednesday - workout DVD
Thursday - bodyrock workout
Friday - bodyrock workout
Saturday - cleaning
Sunday -cleaned house and hosted xmas party

Help inspire me to get back to 50kg. (I have 4kg to go)
How are you feeling this week? What are you going to do over the Christmas Holidays?

I'm going to relax this week and I'm going to ramp up my fitness regime.  Contradictory much? But its going to work!

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