Saturday, 9 April 2011

Polly Dolly - V2 - Trench

I couldn't decide which trench I wanted to use (I know they look the same but are different brands); so I decided to make two Polly Dollies this week. 

The RED Trench is beautiful and bright and I though it'd pair perfectly with a 1950's style dress. I love wearing boots with dresses and these were to DIE for!

For the GREEN Trench I chose to do a more casual style pairing it with jeans, a cute blouse and lace up boots. The bold colour of the handbag sets off against the green of the coat. I didn't want to go with the neutral trench as I wanted to make a statement. Now if only I can find this trench in Australia.


  1. I am loving the green set. The colour is fantastic and I love the sweet top too.

  2. You have my heart. I adore both of these sets and want them NOW!

  3. My favourite would have to be the green trench, it is so unusual, I haven't seen anything like it! Paired with those killer boots and flattering jeans. Yum!

  4. I love them both! It's always so nice to have a pop of colour in the drearier months. And I LOVE the black dress in the red set.

  5. Love the green trench and of course I love the proenza bags :)

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