Sunday, 24 April 2011

Embarrassing appointment

On Wednesday I had an appointment I thought I'd never attend. I purchased a GrabOne coupon for a colonic. I was nervous and scared of what I was to experience.

The lady at the clinic was very nice and it made it easier to do something uncomfortable. Before the experience started a had a consultation on eating and toilet habits which followed by a Ginger Tea with goji berries on the side followed by two shots for movement and bacteria followed by a lemon drink to help lubricate.

I was showed the cubical and told where to put my clothes and was given a towel to wear instead. I then had a infa red sauna for 30 minutes where I sweated out tonnes of water. It was hot but yet relaxing.

Next I was taken back to the cubical where I was introduced to the colonic machine. I was told to lube the tube and insert it into my rectum when i laid down onto the bench. The lady came in and turned the warm water on. It felt weird and I was told to expel the water like I "was doing a poo". Classy! I let out a ripper fart and was so embarrassed until i was told that was quite normal. So the next bit was the watery thing. I did this a few more times, sometimes holding the water for a couple of seconds and then releasing it. After about 5 goes, some poo came out. You can see it in a viewing tube. I was told to count to 20 then expel the water. This went on for ages. Finally the lady came in and gave me some reflexology on my feet and legs. I finished off the session and felt heaps better now that sensation had stopped.

I'm not sure if I would recommend this treatment to anyone but I'm glad I have experienced something like this and survived.

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  1. Hi Adalita, you are very brave to post about this! Do you feel any better? Lighter perhaps? I have been thinking about doing it for ages?


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