Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Slowly getting through my wedding to do list

It may seem like forever until I say "I do" in October but in wedding terms 6 months and 15 days is nothing.

Dresses can take up to 5 months to be made and adjusted.

Venues are usually booked 10-12 months in advance.

Cakes 6-8 months depending on the waiting list.

I haven't even looked at invites or flowers yet.

So I'm trying to get Lots done. So I'm sorry if I have neglected you my readers.

So here's my update
I'm back down to 52.4kg this week.
Venue for wedding and reception booked. Celebrant booked, photographer booked, dress bought, groom suit and shoes bought, wedding perfume for us both bought.

So to do:
Bridesmaid dresses and shoes
Hair and make up
Choose decor

And I'm sure there is more I've forgotten

So I've included a sneak peak of my dress and venue

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  1. You'll get there try not to worry too much. Not that I have any idea how stressful a wedding can be, but I can imagine. Just breathe :)


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